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To believe in the unbelievable – Two different Worlds

Inspiriert zu diesem Text wurde ich von dem KDrama Flower Boys Next Door. Mein Englisch ist sicher nicht das beste, aber ich denke man versteht, worauf ich hinaus will ;) Ich hoffe es gefällt euch.

To believe in the unbelievable – Two different Worlds

Two Friends are sitting at a campfire on the ocean and watching the last sunrays of 

He: What are you thinking about?

She: About peoples hearts.

He: Peoples hearts? What about it?

She: It would be nice if I could see a peoples heart laid open, like a blueprint. It would be great to know how much space there is in this heart, who’s in that space and where I am.

He: Why these deep thoughts?

She: I want to figure someone out. I would like to see if I had a chance to fill this space with the most of me.
Because, I want this someone to be „my world“…

He: You seem to be in love…

She: Falling in love with someone is like drinking seawater…It’s refreshingly cool when you first drink it. After drinking, you feel thirsty. The more you drink, the more thirsty you are and the more you longing for it. Loving someone… is tiring and it hurts, but it’s not something I can stop. How timid and frail is unrequited love? A place you entered of your own accord, but you’re trapped inside, unable to find an exit. He doesn’t know a thing, and could one day leave my line of sight, and the love ends passively. A love that does not bloom. A love like a seed that is forgotten.

He: You are in love and also so depressed, why?

She: He doesn’t know about it.

He: You should know you’re lucky because you can at least say what’s in your beautiful heart. You can tell him how you feel, so why don’t you?

She: I think we are from different worlds. It would be incredible. Completely impossible. How could he love someone like me?

He: You know very well..

She: Hm…Even though memories have no strength, memories can never erase. I might disappear someday. I don’t care if everyone forgets about me. I want only him to remember me. Now it’s only my task to create memories for him. That’s all I want. That’s enough for me to be happy.

He: This is the first time I touch your face, but the first thing I touch is your tears. So tell me now, who is it?

She: You!
He: Finally you say it.

He: Don’t worry, I will never allow that you disappear and from now on you should believe in the things you don’t believe.

She: From now on, you will be my world?

He: I will be your world. A peaceful, pure and bright world.

She: There is no such world. Sometimes it will rain, sometimes there will be fights and sometimes it will hurt. But that doesn’t mean you can’t live in that world.

Die Rechtes des Textes liegen natürlich bei mir.

Pic by

Das Bild habe ich ausgewählt, weil der Fotograf dazu eine schöne Message hat.

„Love will always find you“ und „Just spin around and look, I’m sure it’s coming to get you from somewhere.“

Oh jaaaaa…..:)

Eure Mia



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